Business Tips

On this page, I will share short tips on Ideation, Creation, Building and Managing Business. On the other hands my Publications Page will give you access to a range of articles from me and other contributors to the website sharing insights, perspectives, methods and best practices.

Take the responsibility for shaping the future of your business. The responsibility to create a great future for your business and yourself lies pretty close to you. Look into the mirror!

Tip 1: Have ever thought what does it take to build an Online Business? or to bring your Existing Business, Online? If you are a Techie, you know. If not, you are perhaps scared to think about it, let alone touching it. But bringing your business online these days, does take much less efforts than you can imagine. No-one builds websites from scratch anymore. There is no need to code everything from scratch. There are numerous solutions at your reach which enable you to run a great Online Business with all its components such as a website, a web-shop, online payment gateway, social media channels, marketing automation and more in literally days, not even weeks. You can use these solutions to role up sleeves and bring your business online yourself or ask experts to help you in setting up your online business in matter of days and not weeks or months. Want to learn more, please write to me on here.

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