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  • November 3, 2019
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My name is Shahram G. Maralani. I have more than twenty years of leadership experience in different industries, geographies, and disciplines. I work in a leadership role in a company called DNV GL.

In my free time, I help existing and future entrepreneurs as a business coach with specific focus on Online Business models, their related Growth Strategies and Digital Transformation of traditional businesses. I focus mostly helping Intrapreneurs who want to establish a business next to their existing occupation and also the people who want to start their very first business. To learn more on how I may be able to help you, start here.

I also do research and write on How today’s Entrepreneurship world works. I investigate How successful companies come to exist and study how the great ones remain in Business over many years. I also look into how the Corporate world can benefit from similar principles and practices through Intrapreneurship. I do analyze the competences needed today to succeed as an Entrepreneur or Intrapreneur. On this personal page, I share reflections, insights, best practices, and solutions of my own and of others which I come across. I aim to create a forum generating new insights in building the future of our organizations, businesses, and societies through modern Entrepreneurship

The business world as we know it today, has been through substantial changes over the last two decades. Looking at the companies sitting these days at the top of the charts, you realize that either they did not exist two decade ago or have been growing significantly only since then to arrive at where they are today. The names like Airbnb, Apple, Amazon, Uber, Spotify and Booking.com are just few examples of either of the two groups.  

Most of the principles and practices that such companies have been putting in place, apply to any company of any size. What are those necessary ingredients for a company to arrive to where these companies are? Is it about the sector, or the niche they have been focusing on? Is it the design of their business model which embeds a magic formula of success into their operations? Did they build their business differently compared to the others? What is the magic that made these companies grow much more than their competitors who even sometimes may have products with the same or better quality or functionality? What systems do these companies put in place to cater for the need of a business of this size? What type of automations makes it possible to serve billions of people on the planet with such a seamless experience

These are the question to which, I seek and share answers, in this personal site. I hope that entrepreneurs as well as intrapreneurs (managers and other individuals in the corporate world dealing with similar questions) find inspirations in creating success in their careers, organizations, businesses, and societies.

To learn more about my work and how I may be able to help you, start here.

Build An Online Business in 24 Hours - Book Cover

Building an online business is a journey. But it does not need to be long and painful. Building an Online Business or Transforming an existing one Digitally, should not become a sophisticated paper exercise. Creating value for the customers and other stakeholders should remain as the aim of any business process including the Digital Transformation. This is more so for smaller businesses. 

My book ‘Build An Online Business in 24 Hours’, aims to inspire and show a roadmap to bring your existing or future business online in a short period of time.

To learn more about some of the subjects on this page, and to find out a roadmap to build an online business in 24 hours, read my book.


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