Augment Your Business

Identifying & Shaping opportunities enhancing your Business by creating new revenue steams

Enhancing your Business via robust strategies may include:

  • Realizing a real product staircase and ensuring your funnels are not ending upon customers’ first purchase.
  • Exploring was to increase the size of your business beyond regular growth
  • Evaluating and shaping presence in other Geographies Digitally or Physically
  • Creating more verticals expanding on your already established successful business lines
  • Engaging in new domains (Shout-outs, Affiliations, Collaborations, Joint value propositions, Strategic partnerships)

I read and write about modern entrepreneurship and the methodologies enabling new business ventures to succeed. I also look into the role of technology and online business models in their process to success. I share some of those insights on this personal page via my articles, books, podcast and other publications. If you are unsure where to go first, Start Here.

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Build An Online Business in 24 Hours - Book Cover

Building an online business is a journey. But it does not need to be long and painful. Building an Online Business or Transforming an existing one Digitally, should not become a sophisticated paper exercise. Creating value for the customers and other stakeholders should remain as the aim of any business process including the Digital Transformation. This is more so for smaller businesses. 

My book ‘Build An Online Business in 24 Hours’, aims to inspire and show a roadmap to bring your existing or future business online in a short period of time.

To learn more about some of the subjects on this page, and to find out a roadmap to build an online business in 24 hours, read my book.