Conversion Funnels

Creating Conversion Funnels through Marketing Automations

Conversion Funnel is a term used in eCommerce which describes the consumer’s journey from the moment of the first interaction with an online marketing platform or other e-commerce solutions onwards. In my book, “Build An Online Business in 24 Hours”, I describe this in very simple words and introduce one of the easiest ways to setup conversion funnels and marketing automation for your business resulting in increased sales and profits.

Creating Content

Creating content for your marketing purpose is an art in itself. But having multiple hats to wear, entrepreneurs find no time to spend writing proper COPY by their own. Why should you? Here you find a great service which helps you get your content for 2 years in place! (affiliation partner)

Build An Online Business in 24 Hours - Book Cover

Building an online business is a journey. But it does not need to be long and painful. Building an Online Business or Transforming an existing one Digitally, should not become a sophisticated paper exercise. Creating value for the customers and other stakeholders should remain as the aim of any business process including the Digital Transformation. This is more so for smaller businesses. 

My book ‘Build An Online Business in 24 Hours’, aims to inspire and show a roadmap to bring your existing or future business online in a short period of time.

To learn more about some of the subjects on this page, and to find out a roadmap to build an online business in 24 hours, read my book.