Payment Gateways and Merchant Accounts

Setting up your Payment Gateways using a Merchant Account

To make sure you get paid online when people purchase your products or services, you need what is called a Payment Gateway, which is provided by Merchant Account providers or other institutions. In my book, “Build An Online Business in 24 Hours”, I look into some of the most common and globally used payment gateways you can set up for your business in matter of minutes.

Build An Online Business in 24 Hours - Book Cover

Building an online business is a journey. But it does not need to be long and painful. Building an Online Business or Transforming an existing one Digitally, should not become a sophisticated paper exercise. Creating value for the customers and other stakeholders should remain as the aim of any business process including the Digital Transformation. This is more so for smaller businesses. 

My book ‘Build An Online Business in 24 Hours’, aims to inspire and show a roadmap to bring your existing or future business online in a short period of time.

To learn more about some of the subjects on this page, and to find out a roadmap to build an online business in 24 hours, read my book.