Start Here: Create or Transform to a Successful Business

Generate and Evaluate Your Business Ideas. Prioritize and Choose. Mature it into a Concrete Business Plan. Establish, Grow, Advance, Enhance and Expand Your Business to Increase Your Revenue, Profits, and Your Impact.

What if you could take your expertise and business ideas and shape them into your first successful business?    

What if you could use the state of the art, but readily available strategies and solution to transform your existing entity into a fast growing and profitable business?

You’ve got innovative business ideas, a great vision, and a long experience as an intrapreneur or entrepreneur. You’ve got knowledge, network, and know-how.  And now you want to transform them into a well-oiled machine serving your customers and your stakeholders while brining you, prosperity and profits.

If you’re like most experienced and successful intrapreneurs, at a certain point doubting what path to take next in shaping the next phase of your great career, or if you are an entrepreneur, doubting if your current or future business is prepared to face the challenges of the years ahead, I have a good news for you! 

You are not alone!

According to neuroscientist Jaak Panksepp, to be truly happy, you will always need something more. That is why humanity has been growing to this sophisticated physical, virtual and societal complex system as we see today. That is why, exactly you successful professional who is working as an intrapreneur in the corporate world or you successful entrepreneur who has created a business to its current level, experience dissatisfaction and are the ones wanting more! More for themselves, their families, their employees, their customers, their society and for the world. It is this desire for more which did result in all the inventions and enterprises we use and rely on today.

You may have multiple business ideas in your mind. You may prefer one of them over the others. You may doubt and change your mind. You may study about entrepreneurship and the successful entrepreneurs. You may seek new skills or refresh the old ones. You may attend multiple conferences and events. You may draft your business plan. But you perhaps do not act. Asking yourself: What’s the best approach to put me in the right path in the transformation journey I desire to embark on and what are the first and the subsequent right steps for me to take to reach my vision?

That’s why I’m here.


My name is Shahram G. Maralani. I work for a company called DNV GL and in my free time I do research and write about entrepreneurship. I have more than twenty years of experience as an intrapreneur and entrepreneur. I have been working in different disciplines, industries, geographies since year 1996, leading departments and businesses in different senior management roles or as a business owner.

I have studied and exercised intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship from well-known academia, thought leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs. Having been owning or contributing to the projects in Strategy, Business Management, Digital Transformation, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Finance, People and Leadership Development, I have a great deal of knowledge which I share with my subscribers on this website to help them Succeed in their business ventures.

Being it design and creation of a New Business, shaping and implementing a Growth Strategy, designing and navigating Digital Transformation journey, or different topics about day to day Business Management challenges and choices, I share my insights with my subscribers so that they can better Ideate, Evaluate, Create, Build, Manage, Grow, Advance, Enhance and Expand their Businesses.


Using my unique method, “The 8A Accelerated Business System”, I share my knowledge, experience, and my network to show my subscribers a wider perspective and different solutions they can use to create, grow and enhance their businesses. I structure my insights and recommended solutions in the framework of The 8A System so that my subscribers can find in them valuable help, in all the stages of their entrepreneurship journey and to remove doubts about their business ideas and options.

I help my subscribers by sharing methodologies, so that they can define the right criteria and assess their business ideas against those to choose the right ones. I also provide in there, recommendations helpful when they are shaping their business, choosing its components and bring it to life. I do share the best strategies they can use to grow their business, expand, enhance, and diversify towards a portfolio of successful products, services, and entities. 

Exploring the world of Digital since age of 12, Experiencing Entrepreneurship at the age of 22, getting into my first Senior Management role at the age of 25 and an Executive Leadership role at the age of 37, I have a vast experience in Business Leadership, Strategy and Intrapreneurship. I have been living in three countries and working and leading people from more than forty nationalities and experiencing different industries and disciplines throughout my career. I share the insights I have gained through my life journey with the Professionals like you who want to decide, design, build, grow and enhance their businesses and their own skills in the Digital Age. 

I publish content in which you can find ways to shape and prosper your business from concept to implementation. I have experienced business build with my own hands and have even written my own software codes early in my career (and still enjoy doing it), next to leading the business, shaping strategies, processes and automation systems and outsourcing what was left which I did not have time for doing it myself. I will through my publications, help you in doing the same with your business deciding, prioritizing, shaping, and moving towards your great future.

I enjoy researching and writing about businesses who are doing something meaningful for people, society, and the humanity. I love Technology. I seek potential of Affordable Technologies in helping people and businesses increase their customer base, sales, revenues, or gain efficiency and create profits enabling them to pursue their mission for the greater good!

What you can expect to learn from my content are, How to:

  1. Ideate, Evaluate and Decide, when Creating Your New Business
  2. Analyze your Existing Business and define and implement Transformation Strategies to Enhance Your Business resulting in better outcomes
  3. Choose the right Solutions and Software when Creating or Transforming your Business
  4. Design and Implement Growth Strategies
  5. Automate Your Business to gain Efficiency and Predictability
  6. Expand and Enhance Your Business reaching new markets and satisfying additional customer demands
  7. Safeguard and Assure Your Business protecting and ensuring its continuity


Depending on your expectations and circumstances, you can benefit from my content in one or more of the following ways.

  1. Business Publications – learn, shape and implement business strategies and solutions which I share through my publications.
  2. Business Courses – my book comes with a free companion course. I also do publish other courses from time to time based on the topics to which my subscribers show interest.
  3. Business Tips – share your business question or challenge with me using this form. I will look into my own knowledge and of others and refer you to a useful content or lead.
  4. The Business River Facebook Group – join my Restricted Facebook Group where you will learn from me and other experts (entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs) sharing experiences and best practices you can apply to address your business challenges.
  5. Business Mentoring – In my free time, I do help few individuals as a mentor. You can raise questions and share your thoughts and challenges to which you are seeking a solution.


Do you have a topic you would like to learn more about? Or perhaps you have a suggestion for a topic that you would like me to write about? Or you maybe have a question or business challenge you would like to get some advice on. Write to me using this form in which you can share something about your business, your ideas, or your challenges. I look into your input and provide you with a feedback through one of the above formats. You can also schedule a short call with me, if you want to discuss a topic over a call.

If needed and for the subjects that I am not an expert in, I may refer you to other sources which can be of your help.

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