The Business River

Business, Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation Podcast

My name is Shahram G. Maralani. This is “The Business River”, my personal podcast. I research and write on Business and Entrepreneurship. I also study Online Businesses looking at successful companies, being them ‘transformed digitally’ or ‘born digitally’. I investigate How Successful Startups come to exist and study how the great ones remain in Business over many years. I also look into how the Corporate world can benefit from similar principles and practices through Intrapreneurship. I do analyze the competences needed today to succeed as an Entrepreneur or Intrapreneur. On this podcast, I share reflections, insights, best practices, and solutions of my own and of others which I come across. I aim to create a forum generating new insights in building the future of our organizations, businesses, and societies through modern Entrepreneurship, Business leadership and Digitalization.