The Pavilion

Business, Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation Forum

This is “The Pavilion”, the forum for the readers and supporters of my book “Build An Online Business in 24 Hours”. We gather (online) on monthly basis to discuss topics ranging from Building Online Businesses and Digital Transformation to Strategic Management and Growth Strategies. The objective of this forum is to help entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in their mission to create, transform and grow their online businesses through sharing and discussing best practices, strategies and solutions.

Here you will hear form different experts in these subjects as well as other entrepreneurs who have gone the way. We will select and discuss one topic every month. You can also suggest topics which you wish to be discussed in the future sessions of the forum.

We will also shape this forum into a business community over time with the aim of creating opportunities for existing as well as new entrepreneurs while remaining always an educational entity.

“Build An Online Business in 24 Hours” provides a uniquely powerful, yet simple approach in bringing your existing business online or creating one from scratch.

The key audience of this book are Entrepreneurs like you who want to bring their businesses online or improve their already online businesses’ performance, or ‘To-Be Entrepreneurs’ who do want to establish their first business, online from the beginning, as well as Intrapreneurs who look for a simple but robust manner to start online journey of their organizations.

In my book, I focus mostly on solutions and recommendations fit for smaller businesses and solo-entrepreneurs, and I use my book to help these entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs finding a simple yet robust way in creating and transforming to online businesses.

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Selection criteria / Conditions to join

  • There will be an evaluation if this forum is suitable for you and if you fit to this forum. We will evaluate your application after you submit your request filling in this form.
  • You should either already having a business or be in a process or thinking to start one, or working in a company as an intrapreneur with similar roles in your organization as an entrepreneur.
  • You should be able to bring value to the community and / or benefit and implement the learnings in your today or future business. While remaining an educational entity, we aim to ensure real implementation of learning from the time you spend in the forum. That is why, there will be an evaluation process to ensure we keep the quality of the forum at the desired level. An environment for like-minded entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who seek real value out of the time they spend here.
  • You should read my book “Build An Online Business In 24 Hours” as this book gives a basic common ground for the topics being discussed in this forum.


The first 10 members who are willing to contribute to shaping this forum over coming years, will be getting a free membership for life! The Pavilion Core will act the advisory board to the pavilion and will be shaping the scope, today and tomorrow of the forum. The Pavilion Core team will meet regularly to create the strategy, programs, deliverables and the content of the forum while acting as the ambassadors of the forum in relation with other entities.

Interested to become a “Pavilion Core Member (PCM)”, indicate it in your request (tick the relevant box above).