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Anticipate Your Business

Are you already an Entrepreneur (or Intrapreneur) and thinking about your next venture? Or you are maybe considering stepping into the Entrepreneurship world and wondering whether you should and if yes, which Business you can start. Here, you find inspiration and methodologies helping you in this decision so that you can start with more knowledge and confidence.

Architect Your Business

Being new in the world of Entrepreneurship (or Intrapreneurship) or already in Business since long, you can always learn new ways to design, or redesign your business model to maximize your desired outcome. New Methods and Technologies give you tremendous opportunities to shape the future of your business. Here, you find out how to move from an Idea to a Business.

Assemble Your Business

How do you shape a Business? What are the key components of a successful Startup or an Established Business? Which systems and tools, you should choose? What key decisions, you should take? Is the Technology you are betting on the right one for you to create a Digitally Enabled Business? In this section, you find some answers to these types of questions and more.

Advance Your Business

How do you grow a Business? How you move from an Idea to a Startup or Start-in? How startups and Start-in's move to become an Enterprise or a business line? What are the right growth engines in your niche? What did the successful companies do? What are the role of Digital Enablers? Here, you find articles in this regard and examples of successful Businesses as inspiration.

Automate Your Business

As your business grows, you depend on more people and systems. Complexity and size bring risks although being inevitable byproducts of growth. Sooner or later, you will grow to a level where use of systems for Organizing, Marketing, Sales, Production, Service delivery, HR, and so on becomes inevitable. What kind of systems should you deploy? Here, you find some answers.

Augment Your Business

As your business grows, you find it necessary to provide additional services. Either to enhance customer experience or to answer to direct demand from your Customers. You may also find your existing business capable of generating more income by adding new services on top of the same platform. This is even more so in Digitally Enabled Businesses. Here, you find some insights in this regard.


Advise and Assist Existing and Future Solo Entrepreneurs, to Ideate, Design, Create, Build, Grow, Automate, and Enhance small businesses as part of a portfolio career or as their main occupation.

Business Build

Researching How to Ideate, Create and Build Businesses.
Shape Business Model, Business Processes and all its Components.

Growth Strategy

Researching Ideation, Design, Evaluation and Implementation of Business Growth and Profitability Strategies.

Digital Transformation

Researching How Solo-Entrepreneurs, SMEs and Corporate Enterprises are making a meaningful Transformation to their Digital Self Achieving Growth, Efficiency and Increased Profitability.


My name is Shahram G. Maralani. I have more than two decades of experience as a senior manager and also as an entrepreneur. I work as a senior manager in a company called DNV.

In my free time, I am a business coach, helping solo entrepreneurs who want to establish a business next to their existing occupation. My mission is “To help solopreneurs shape and operate small businesses, as part of a portfolio career, or as their main occupation.” I am also the author of the book “Build An Online Business in 24 Hours”.

Working with me, you can expect to learn, How to:

  1. Ideate, Evaluate and Decide, when Creating Your New Business as your Side or main activity
  2. Analyze your Existing Business and define and implement Transformation Strategies to Enhance Your Business resulting in better outcomes
  3. Choose the right Solutions and Software when Creating or Transforming your Business
  4. Design and Implement Growth Strategies
  5. Automate Your Business to gain Efficiency and Predictability
  6. Expand and Enhance Your Business reaching new markets and satisfying additional customer demands
  7. Safeguard and Assure Your Business protecting and ensuring its continuity
  8. Create and Manage a Healthy and Successful ‘Portfolio Career’, ensuring You succeed in all fronts

To learn more about my work and how I may be able to help you, start here.

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Build An Online Business in 24 Hours (Paperback & E-Book)

Build An Online Business in 24 Hours (Paperback & E-Book)

A Uniquely Powerful Approach to

Build An Online Business in 24 Hours

Build An Online Business in 24 Hours (companion course)

Build An Online Business in 24 Hours (companion course)

Enrich your learning experience with my book's Free Companion Course

Passive Income River

Passive Income River

Learn all you need to know about Online Business Models and Passive Income Streams in a multichannel environment.


  • I have read your book "Build Online Business in 24 Hours". There are no words to express my happiness. It so detail oriented, step by step approach with clear steps and leads to various activities to become an enterprise. I am sure whoever reads this book will become entrepreneurs one day since the book builds their confidence and motivates them. This book is fit for all groups from dumb to professionals. Great work, and you will be a brand!

    R. Sivaramakrishnan, Director

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