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Achieve Success in Your Business & Career

As a business strategist, business transformation lead, and a seasoned business leader, I can help you with coaching services related to your business, be your professional mentor as an individual who wants to shape the next stage of his/her career as an intrapreneur or entrepreneur. Choose the right tab below and click the button to see my relevant services for your need. To explore more and learn about all the areas I may be able to help you with, you can always visit the complete list of service I offer, here.

    Business Founders & Owners (Entrepreneurs)

    I provide various kinds of services for Business Owners and founders of Businesses. Please click this button to go down in this page to the section related to services for established businesses and their owners and founders.

    Thinking To Start Your First or Next Business

    I provide various kinds of services for People who are thinking or really want to start a new business or have the intention to create a startup. Please click this button to go down in this page to the related section.

    Professionals in Corporate World (Intrapreneurs)

    With more than 25 years of experience in the corporate world, and working across diverse function, geographies and managing teams of more than 40 nationalities, I can help you as a mentor to help you shape the next step of your professional career. Click on this button to go to related section below.

Business Services for

Business Owners

New, Established, Matured, or a bit Rusted Business, I can help you to find your next step. I can support you in evaluating your current situation using proven methodologies, and define the right business strategy for your to succeed.


I can help you design and improve your business strategy to achieve growth, higher profit, and stakeholder satisfaction.


I can help you with designing and implementing a digitalization or digital transformation of your business.



  • How to evaluate your existing and future business ideas against a set of criteria to ensure its robustness and feasibility. 


  • How to setup your business and its physical and digital components to ensure operating a successful online business.


  • How to build your online business and all its components. How to choose the right processes, resources, software and solutions.


  • How to grow your business, how to move from ideas to start-ups, and how to shape an enterprise from your startup.


  • How to enhance your products and services, and market reach. How to add new businesses lines using existing infrastructure.


  • How to grow further and improve your productivity and customer service by automating your business processes.


  • What are the existing software and solutions in the market which can automate your business making it really online.


  • How to add passive revenue streams to business to ensure decoupling your sales results from your sales efforts. 


  • How to outsource your business processes and needed resources and solutions "As A Service" releasing you to attend the core. 


  • You can bring any other question to us. We will ensure to find the right answer and resources who can help you achieve results.

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What else may I be able to help you with?

Business Services

Business Services

Startup Services

Startup Services

Digital Services

Digital Services

Startup & Business Services for

Future Entrepreneurs

Do you want to Start a New Business? I can help you to Generate and Evaluate Your Business Ideas, Prioritize your Ideas, Mature the chosen one into a Concrete Business Plan. Pursue it by bootstrapping, or by joining a startup ecosystem.


I can help you design and improve your business ideas and business model to become a corete and investable.


I can help you ideate, evaluate, create and get approval for your startup venture.

Shape Your First or Next Venture Here

Want to Start a New Business? Generate and Evaluate Your Business Ideas. Prioritize and Choose. Mature it into a Concrete Business Plan. Establish, Grow, Advance, Enhance and Expand Your Business to Increase Your Revenue, Profits, and Your Impact


Your Situation

What if you could take your current expertise and enhance it to be able to achieve more in your profession and your business

What if you could learn how to use the state of the art, but readily available strategies and affordable solutions to create a profitable and prosperous business?

And what if you could do this from today itself, not needing to waste many weeks or months investigating your situation and potential solutions you may use?

You’ve got a business challenge, or perhaps, you see a great opportunity. Or maybe, you have got a great vision, an innovative business ideas, or the desire and passion to find one. And now you want to transform your thoughts into solutions helping you achieve more, by solving your current business problem, or shaping your next business venture.

If you’re like most experienced and successful professionals and entrepreneurs, at a certain point doubting if you know enough about your situation and challenges, and ask yourself what approach and solution to take in resolving your business problem or in shaping the continued success in your business and profession, I have a good news for you!

You are not alone!

Your Equation

You may have multiple challenges in your business or profession that you want a solution for, or perhaps, you have multiple business ideas in your mind. Maybe you doubt if you have enough depth in your assessment of your situation or your idea. You may think you should seek new skills in dealing with your business situation. You may draft improvement, change, or business plan on how to approach the situation. But you perhaps doubt if you will ever succeed, or perhaps you are asking yourself: What’s the best approach to put me in the right path in the transformation journey I desire to embark on and what are the first and the subsequent right steps for me to take to reach my vision?

That is why I'm here.


Why I can help you

My name is Shahram G. Maralani. I work as a senior executive in a company called Nemko and in my free time I do research and write about business, technology, and entrepreneurship. I also help professionals and future entrepreneurs as a business mentor. In my more than twenty-five years of experience as an intrapreneur and entrepreneur, I have been working in different disciplines, industries, and geographies since year 1996, leading departments and businesses in different senior management roles or as a business owner.

I have studied and exercised intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship from well-known academia, thought leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs. Having been owning or contributing to the projects in Business Strategy, Business Management, Digital Transformation, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Finance, People and Leadership Development, I have a great deal of knowledge which I share with people I work with, to help them succeed in their business ventures and in pursuing their ambitions.

What I can do for you

Being it ideation, evaluation, design and creation of a New Business, shaping and implementing a Growth Strategy, designing and navigating Digital Transformation journey, or different topics about day to day Business Management challenges and choices, I share my insights with people I work with so that they can better decide which path to take, by learning and employing strategic leadership and technology solutions.

My focus is primarily to help Individual Professionals and Entrepreneurs who have a business situation to address, or those who want to also establish their own online business choosing the right business idea and business model, and by shaping a successful business with all its physical and digital components. I help them become Online Entrepreneurs.



Benefit from my structured approach

Using my unique method, “8A Accelerated Business System”, I share my knowledge, experience, and my network to show people I work with a wide perspective, different strategies, and affordable solutions they can use to create, grow, and enhance their businesses next to what they already do. I structure my insights and recommended solutions in the framework of 8A Accelerated Business System so that my customers can find in them valuable help, in all the stages of their entrepreneurship journey and to remove doubts about their business ideas and the options they have in front of them.

I help people I work with by sharing methodologies, so that they can define the right criteria and assess their business ideas against those to choose the right ones. In addition, I provide recommendations helpful when they are shaping their businesschoosing its components and bringing it to life. I do share the best strategies they can use to grow their business, expand, enhance, and diversify towards a portfolio of successful products, services, and entities, or to address a business challenge.

I have done it myself

Exploring the world of Digital since age of 12, Experiencing Entrepreneurship at the age of 22, getting into my first Senior Management role at the age of 25 and an Executive Leadership role at the age of 37, I have a vast experience in Business Leadership, Strategy and Intrapreneurship.

I have been living in three countries and working and leading people from more than forty nationalities and experiencing different industries and disciplines throughout my career. I share the insights I have gained through my life and entrepreneurship journey, and lifelong education with the Professionals like you who want to decide, design, build, grow, and enhance their businesses and their own professional skills in the Digital Age. 

I will be able to show you the way or help you finding it by your own from concept to implementation. I have experienced from as high as business build with my own hands, to the details such as writing my own software codes early in my career (and still enjoy doing it), next to leading the business, shaping strategies, processes and automation systems, and outsourcing what was left which I did not have time for doing it myself. I will help you to do the same with your business deciding, prioritizing, shaping, and moving towards your great future.

I enjoy working with you doing something meaningful for people, society, and humanity. I also love Technology. I seek potential of Affordable Technologies and Software Solutions in helping you create a business, increase your customer base, sales, revenues, or gain efficiency and create profits enabling you to pursue your mission for the greater good!


I am curious. I love to learn about You, Your Passion, Your Vision, Your Potential and Your Business Ideas. I love to connect people to create win-win-win-win opportunities for the two parties, their stakeholders and for myself.

I have created 8A Accelerated Business System Exactly for this purpose. When you work with me, you will learn about this model one piece at a time and in the pace you want. I will help you create the skillset and a systematic approach in defining, analyzing, and solving the challenges you face in your business. For each of these business challenges, I will help you use 8A Accelerated Business System’s components as a tool from your Toolbox.

The main difference between my approach and other business mentors is that I teach you the methods you can use to become your own business advisor. Because no-one in the end knows and feels the needs of your business better than you. My role is to guide you learn these methodologies which you will not only apply for today, but also for tomorrow and the day after in your business. I teach fishing and not catch the fish for you, if you like.


My approach does not mean that I am going to coach you and then leave you alone. Working with me, you will have access to me and my support as far as you want. I leave it up to you to decide where to go alone and where to ask me for advice or assistance. That is why, I am not going to sell you services you do not need. You will be in charge! But I will stay with you along the way.

When we work together, I am your strategist and advisor. If you are clearing your mind about your first or your next business you want to start with, you can ask me to join you to evaluate your business ideas and decide on together. When you are shaping your business and selecting its processes, systems, and software, you may want me to join ensuring you are designing the right business model, the right processes, and the right underlying systems and solutions. When you are operating your business, you may want my advice when you design your growth strategies to grow in your category or augment your products and services with new categories or go abroad and create geographical expansion. You may want my assistance when creating automation in your customer interactions or your business operations. That is you who will choose and be in control.

Working with me, you can expect to learn, How to:

1. Ideate, Evaluate and Decide, when Creating Your New Online Business, as a side hustle, or eventually as your primary occupation

2. Analyze your Existing Business and define and implement Transformation Strategies to Enhance Your Business resulting in better outcomes

3. Choose the right Solutions and Software when Creating or Transforming your Business

4. Design and Implement Growth Strategies

5. Automate Your Business to gain Efficiency and Predictability

6. Expand and Enhance Your Business reaching new markets and satisfying additional customer demands

7. Identify Solutions for Your Challenges and Business Situations

7. Safeguard and Assure Your Business protecting and ensuring its continuity


Researching the world of modern entrepreneurship for years, I have come across a specific need. There is a lot our in the market. There are individuals and companies who offer training courses, seminars, webinars, consulting, software and more trying to help entrepreneurs with methodologies, business models, strategies, tools and more. There are ones who offer a legitimate service and valuable content and there are others who are trying to rob people by selling them content which is not necessarily going to result in the success they promise to their audience.

I have established The Business River as platforms in which I and other subject matter experts share their knowledge about Business Build, Business Strategies, Business Models, Business Build Blueprints, and Start Up ecosystems, who are truly able to help entrepreneurs build businesses. Our Marketplace enables other experts to join our partner group offering their value proposition to our customers. We do exercise stringent quality measures to ensure you get real support in building and developing your business.

Depending on your expectations and circumstances, we can work together in one or more of the following ways.

1. Business Date – share your objective and your challenge in advance and then join one of senior strategists in a private call to analyze and find solutions suitable for your situation

2. Business Mentoring – plan for periodic private business success creation sessions and unlimited email access to a dedicated business mentor

3. Business Hack – join half-a-day up to two-days of intensive working in person on your business build, management, or transformation

4. Business Courses – learn, shape and implement business strategies and solutions at your own pace joining one of our online courses

5. Business Club – join our Exclusive and Restricted Online Business Builders Club where you will learn from me and other experts (entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs) sharing experiences and best practices you can apply to address your business challenges.

You can also look at our publications and other sources of inspiration we share on The Business River website and Blog to learn how to shape and implement business strategies and solutions which we share.


Book a FREE ORIENTATION CALL with me to talk about your ideas, your business, your objectives, and expectations. We will discuss and find out if and what we can achieve together. And we will find the best way that we can work together.

If needed and for the subjects that I am not an expert in, I may introduce you to others in our partner network who can help you.

Click the button below to book a FREE ORIENTATION CALL with me. Please answer to all questions in the form as they will help me prepare delivering immense value to you from our very first call. Or visit the services you can ask for o

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What else may I be able to help you with?

Business Services

Business Services

Startup Services

Startup Services

Digital Services

Digital Services

Coaching and Mentorship for

Corporate Staff

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I can help you shape the next step of your career. Evaluate your situation and make the right move.


I can help you with looking into a specific problem you are trying to solve at work.

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