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Transforming Expertise and Employment: Survival Guide for Professionals in the Artificial Intelligence Era

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The Updated and Extended Edition

Learn all you need to know about how to ideate an online business, as a side hustle or as your primary occupation. How to build the online presence of such a business using easy to use tools and how to shape a vision for your online business build endeavor.

Ideate Great Business Ideas 

There are many thoughts about starting various kinds of businesses or shaping an online arm for your existing business, in your mind. Shaping those thoughts into clear and concrete business ideas is a specific process you can learn as a skill you can reuse throughout your life.

Create An

Online Business Model

If you are building a new business or adding an online arm to your existing business, a concrete Business Model is a must to prevent wasting your valuable time and resources. To learn how to design a sound business plan, you do not need an MBA.

Establish The Basics of Online Business

Building an Online Business has some basics you need to know and learn about. Shaping your online business model, creating your online presence landscape, choosing the right solutions and avoiding mistakes are something you can be prepared for preventing try and errors.

Websites, Webshops and Payment Gateways

Every online business benefit from different online components. From simple to more sophisticated ones. There are some primary elements without which you are not an online business. You can learn all about these before you spend any minute or dollar of your resources.

Conversion Funnels and Social Media

Online Businesses do not have shop windows and doors. You should create the online equivalent of those so that you have the flow of visitors to your online business some of whom will purchase your products and services. You can learn the fundamentals of this before you open the doors of your online business.

Online Entrepreneurship Vision

Online Entrepreneurship does not end there. You learn, implement, make mistakes, adjust, get success, and learn again. You find new areas you find interesting to expand to, geographically, by adding new product and services or pivoting to new areas you learn in your journey. Creating a vision from day one is the act of smart entrepreneurs.


'The AI Shift: Redefining Knowledge Work in the Age of Generative AI' serves as an essential guide for professionals navigating this transformative period. I have authored this book to illuminate the unique characteristics of GenAI, offering insights into its capabilities, strengths, and limitations. The book delves into the very real implications of this technology for professionals across various sectors. You'll find an in-depth analysis of how GenAI is reshaping expertise and employment, and what this means for your career trajectory. It sheds light on the emerging roles and skills in this new landscape, the potential displacement effects, and the exciting opportunities arising from integrating GenAI in various fields.

Whether you're a seasoned professional in any business sector wondering about the impact of GenAI on your profession and career, a leader aiming to future-proof your organization, or an individual curious about the ramifications of GenAI on society, this book is for you. In its pages lies not just a wealth of knowledge but a compass guiding you through the uncharted territories of the AI era.

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About The Author

Founder of AI Empowerment Hub

Welcome! My name is Dr. Shahram Maralani. I am a corporate leader, a business coach and an author with a multi-discipline competence in business and technology.

Being passionate about Digital Transformation and its impact on the Entrepreneurship world, I study developments in the technology and its role in transforming businesses and societies. I share my insights with you through my publications, courses, and coaching programs.

In this book, I share part of this knowledge and skills with others who may want to learn about applied AI and its role in shaping the future of their career.

  • Join me to learn about world of Generative AI

  • Join me to learn use AI Tools in your work today

  • Join me to to shape the future of your career

My one and only goal will be to show you how you can benefit from GenAI today, and shape your career for tomorrow.

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"The AI Shift: Redefining Knowledge Work in the Age of Generative AI" comes also with a FREE Knowledge Hub.

What The Readers Are Saying

S. Ramanathan

There are no words to express my happiness. It so detailed oriented, step by step approach with clear steps and leads to various activities to become an enterprise. I am sure whoever reads this book will become entrepreneurs one day.

M. Smeering

Excellent book! Nothing like this book out there. The author gives exact guidelines to help your online business grows. Not complicated, easy and simple to understand. Thanks for sharing this valuable information. 🙏🏻

Shab, LA

This is an excellent read for those who aspire to turning their ideas into an online business. Whether you have started businesses before or contemplate starting one, the book provides you with an easy to understand, yet comprehensive roadmap to success!

Take ownership and create the future of your career in the age of Generative AI!

Do not procrastinate. Take action now by getting hands on this book and the free AI Empowerment Hub which will help you learn all about applied AI and its application in your profession.

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