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The 8A Accelerated Business System

Anticipate Your Business

Finding your next business idea when stepping into a new venture

To start a new business, being it your first one or next, you need to go through some steps. It all starts from Ideation and Evaluation of Your Business. Then you need to find and Verify ‘Your Niche’ and find the Target Audience and Real Customers. You need to then evaluate their Willingness To Pay and Sketch the needed Processes and Resources to arrive where you should be to be able to serve them. Looking for investments or other partnerships, you need to create your Elevator Pitch.

Architect Your Business

Designing your next Business Model and its components

Shaping your business idea into a business model with all its elements defined and thought through is a structured process. How will you Produce your Product or Deliver your Service? How will you acquire the needed Resources (People, Money, Tools, Systems, Channels, etc.)? What are your needed Investments and Monthly Costs? Which Channels are you going to use to sell your products? What will create the needed Income? How are you going to provide the Services to your customers? How are going to Enhance your value proposition? Yes. Even at this stage you need to think about this!

Assemble Your Business

Building the components of your business enabling your continued success

How do you choose the right Resources, Processes, Systems, and Tools for your business and ensure its actual establishment? How do you decide which Equipment, Software or other necessary components to buy? How do you ensure you hire the right employees? Will you buy everything or probably rent/ lease/ subcontract some? How do you decide how, and which service is better for your need?

How are you going to Finance your business? Do you do bootstrapping? Have you thought of other ways? e.g. Crowdfunding, Partnerships, Loans. Do you know how you will take Strategic, Tactical or day to day management choices (organization, processes, people)? How will you move from the creation phase to a continuously running business?

Advance Your Business

Design and implementation of your Growth Strategies

How do you shape your Growth strategies mow that you have established a business! How do you start selling and selling more? What are your growth strategies? Which geographies, segments, products and services you start from? How will you know you are progressing in your business growth?How do you organize you Marketing machine? How do you do your Digital Presence Management (Social Media, Web, App)? Have you been Crafting your Social Media plan, Digital Strategy and Roadmap?

Automate Your Business

Designing Automation of Tasks and Processes to free up time for you to focus on the Core

How do you decide which parts of your business to automate? How do you then automate such parts of your business? What are the best solutions fit for your purpose and budget available in the market?

How do you enhance your Organizational and Personal Productivity through automation? How does automating your processes using what the technology has to offer, help you gain efficiency and reduce cost? How do you identify the best productivity tools enhancing what you achieve with the same resources?

How do you create a Richer Customer Experience resulting in higher willingness-to-pay and satisfaction? How do you identify the best customer engagement tools enhancing income through more and returning customers?

Do you have a vision for your Digital Transformation?

You find answers to these questions on this page.

Using the methodologies provided in the fifth module of my “8A Accelerated Business System”, you can define a roadmap for Automating your Business in four steps to gain efficiency and to enhance customer value proposition. The ultimate aim of such automations like any other business decision is to increase your sales and bottom line.

Augment Your Business

Identifying & Shaping opportunities enhancing your Business by creating new revenue steams

Enhancing your Business via robust strategies may include:

  • Realizing a real product staircase and ensuring your funnels are not ending upon customers’ first purchase.
  • Exploring was to increase the size of your business beyond regular growth
  • Evaluating and shaping presence in other Geographies Digitally or Physically
  • Creating more verticals expanding on your already established successful business lines
  • Engaging in new domains (Shout-outs, Affiliations, Collaborations, Joint value propositions, Strategic partnerships)


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